100 Top-Notch Quotes About Success

"In order to succeed you must fail, so that you know what not to do the next time."

Anthony J. D'Angelo (-)

"In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure."

William Henry "Bill" Cosby, Jr. (born July 12, 1937) is an American comedian, actor, author, television producer, educator, musician and activist.

"Pray that success will not come any faster than you are able to endure it."

Elbert Green Hubbard (June 19, 1856 – May 7, 1915) was an American writer, publisher, artist, and philosopher. He was an influential exponent of the Arts and Crafts movement.

"Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result."

Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde (16 October 1854– 30 November 1900) was an Irish writer, poet, and prominent aesthete. After writing in different forms throughout the 1880s, he became one of London's most popular playwrights in the early 1890s. Today he is remembered for his many epigrams, his plays which are still revived, and the tragedy of his imprisonment and early death.

"Success is often the result of taking a misstep in the right direction."

Al Michael Bernstein (-) is an American sportscaster, writer, stage performer, recording artist, and speaker.

"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome."

Booker Taliaferro Washington (April 5, 1856 – November 14, 1915) was an American educator, author, orator, and political leader. He was the dominant figure in the African American community in the United States from 1890 to 1915.

"If you really want the key to success, start by doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing."

Brad Szollose () is an award-winning American business author, entrepreneur, and Web pioneer.

"For true success ask yourself these four questions: Why? Why not? Why not me? Why not now? "

James Allen (1855-1942) New Zealander statesman. Minister of defense (1912-20)

"The difference between failure and success is doing a thing nearly right and doing it exactly right."

Edward Emerson Simmons (October 27, 1852 – November 17, 1931) was an American Impressionist painter, remembered for his mural work.

"Each success only buys an admission ticket to a more difficult problem."

Henry Alfred Kissinger (born May 27, 1923) is a German-born American political scientist, diplomat, and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. He served as National Security Advisor and later concurrently as Secretary of State in the administrations of Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.